Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

For the longest time, I felt like Mulan, like the Reflection song, wondering when my reflection would match who I am inside. I had an exact idea of how I should look to feel good and think I was deserving. It was unrealistic and I ultimately set myself up for failure. I look at myselfContinue reading “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…”

Cloud 9, yes, I believe so.

I am beyond ecstatic at this very moment. I want to be jumping up and screaming for joy. Rather I am here with you and anxiously awaiting my time to speak with God. God is good to us and in due time, what’s meant to be will happen. I was nervous this morning about theContinue reading “Cloud 9, yes, I believe so.”

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!

I am all over the place today and my brain hurts. I just finished creating similes, metaphors and alliterations to show that I grasp the concept of vivid imagery. I grasp the damn concept but I don’t like having to pull something out of thin air. I love using them but when I feel theContinue reading “Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!”

Feeling the Pressure

You would think after the year that I’ve had, at some point there would be a reprieve. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, this year has brought so much positivity instead of the darkness that I had grown accustom to that perhaps it is considered one. I am in no way complaining, justContinue reading “Feeling the Pressure”