Turning Dreams into Plans

Last year my world was turned upside-down. All of my dreams were coming true and then nothing. Instead of giving up on them, I instead pushed pause and decided to work on myself. What I learned was that there were other dreams that I could focus on that required my focus and dedication to myself.Continue reading “Turning Dreams into Plans”

Learning How to Move Forward

Every step I take is with purpose, I move with the people I love in mind. It is intentional and only if it is in our best interest. I do not come from a place of revenge, malice, trying to hurt people or outdo them. I am growing and strengthening our foundation, I honestly don’tContinue reading “Learning How to Move Forward”

Unloading Burdens

As you know, life for me is in transition. There are many moving parts working simultaneously in my favor so that my family can lead the life we deserve. Constantly working through who and how I was to understand a way to repair what was damaged or ultimately forgive me and others is not anContinue reading “Unloading Burdens”

Who Do You Want to Be?

It’s something we get asked from a young age, but usually phrased in what do we want to be. I think who is a better question. Putting emphasis on who and not what might give us an opportunity to raise better humans. Instead of being consumed with an occupational path, we can work more towardsContinue reading “Who Do You Want to Be?”

Making Time for what Matters

As I am not currently preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of daily life and have this time with my Nana, I am taking full advantage. This last week I have binge watched many shows with her and I thoroughly enjoy it. I love her, love being around her, always hoping that she’ll rub offContinue reading “Making Time for what Matters”