Some days I’m a goddess. Some days I’m a wild child. And some days I am a fragile mess. Most days I am a bit of all three. But every day, I am here, trying.

S.C. Lourie

And so it begins…


Being honest about what you need and want is a freeing experience. Especially when you do it with someone that reciprocates. Only when you are completely honest with someone can you come to a mutual understanding and move forward successfully. Most of the time we are afraid of something and that is why we holdContinue reading “Honesty”

Class of 2021

Somehow, some way, I knew I had to come out of this last year with something big. Something to honor myself and the life I’ve lived. I chose to go back to school. When I enrolled the counselor told me it would take at least a year and a half with the major I hadContinue reading “Class of 2021”

A Pink Supermoon

What better sign could I ask for? I feel magical and my body is tingling. This night, this moon, the universe is speaking to me. The wind is blowing, it is calling for me, urging me to rise up, stand in my power and don’t doubt or negate what is coming. This day was beautiful.Continue reading “A Pink Supermoon”

Turning Dreams into Plans

Last year my world was turned upside-down. All of my dreams were coming true and then nothing. Instead of giving up on them, I instead pushed pause and decided to work on myself. What I learned was that there were other dreams that I could focus on that required my focus and dedication to myself.Continue reading “Turning Dreams into Plans”

Recharging My Battery

I’ve been pulled in many directions as of late. Working to find a balance between making me a priority and doing what must be done. My head and heart are not always on the same page and when you add others thoughts and feelings to the mix, it tends to be a bit much. LearningContinue reading “Recharging My Battery”

All in due time…

When I started this journey a year ago, I didn’t realize it was going to change my life. I just wanted my family back and to not despise the woman staring at me in the mirror. I was looking for a quick fix but, God said I had run out of those and it wasContinue reading “All in due time…”

Unloading Burdens

As you know, life for me is in transition. There are many moving parts working simultaneously in my favor so that my family can lead the life we deserve. Constantly working through who and how I was to understand a way to repair what was damaged or ultimately forgive me and others is not anContinue reading “Unloading Burdens”

Who Do You Want to Be?

It’s something we get asked from a young age, but usually phrased in what do we want to be. I think who is a better question. Putting emphasis on who and not what might give us an opportunity to raise better humans. Instead of being consumed with an occupational path, we can work more towardsContinue reading “Who Do You Want to Be?”


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