I Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye

I lost someone, they said he passed yesterday. He was more than a friend, he was my confidante. No matter how much time lapsed from talking, we always picked right back up. Of course we’d have to catch up with who was new in our life and how much Miah has grown or when heContinue reading “I Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye”


How’s your long game? This thing we are doing, it is a forever kind of thing. Growing and learning, it never stops. We never reach perfection, and thank goodness because that would make life boring. We have to pace ourselves, still recognize our small victories but understand that anything that comes easy is probably notContinue reading “Stamina”

Lost and Low on Hope

I know all too well what it feels like to get knocked down again and doubt if you have the strength to pick yourself back up. I’ve done it so many times. Add depression into normal life circumstances and things become even tougher. I’ve stayed down longer than I should sometimes, conserving my energy becauseContinue reading “Lost and Low on Hope”

Happy Easter

Man, this shit’s unflatterin’, all up in my head againI don’t feel myself right now, maybe I should just lay downIf vanity’s my vitamin, well, I don’t feel the differenceI don’t like myself right now, gotta find a way out. What you feel is naturalBut I don’t wanna feel this anymorePick yourself up off theContinue reading “Happy Easter”

Happy Anniversary, Desperately Seeking Stephie!

One year, WOW! I am in disbelief that one year ago I pushed publish on my first post and thus started this journey of self discovery. I never thought this blog would turn in to what it is. I expected something more lighthearted and fun. Instead, I fell apart and put myself back together withinContinue reading “Happy Anniversary, Desperately Seeking Stephie!”

The Worst Day of My Life

This marks the anniversary of the hardest day of my life. It started off great, waking up to my Honey leaving for work and my little nestled into the side of me and one of my pups at my feet. I helped wash dishes as my mother in law made homemade tortillas and we hadContinue reading “The Worst Day of My Life”