Being honest about what you need and want is a freeing experience. Especially when you do it with someone that reciprocates. Only when you are completely honest with someone can you come to a mutual understanding and move forward successfully.

Most of the time we are afraid of something and that is why we hold back. Afraid we won’t be accepted or worse, we will be rejected. But, what if you speak your truth and it is met with acceptance, I mean, that’s the ultimate goal right?

Every conversation I engage in now, I am completely forthright with my thoughts and feelings. But, I’ve learned to stand in my power and not require the other person to agree with me. There are somethings and some people that will never meet you where you’re at. That is okay. The right people will and you’ll be better for it.

I’m approaching this transition in my life with such patience and understanding. All good things are coming my way. Even the things that aren’t working out like I hoped, I know there’s a reason for that. I am so grateful for this life I’ve been given and the opportunities I am facing.

I think this is going to be a short one tonight. Be honest though, you’ll be glad you did.

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