Class of 2021

Somehow, some way, I knew I had to come out of this last year with something big. Something to honor myself and the life I’ve lived. I chose to go back to school. When I enrolled the counselor told me it would take at least a year and a half with the major I had chosen. I entered my first semester with the mindset of just getting through it and maybe I would end it there.

Well, I received amazing grades and decided to speak with a counselor to nail down a plan so I knew exactly what classes I needed and when I might be able to graduate if I continued. This counselor talked to me about my career I wanted and suggested I change my major to fit instead of keeping the broad one I had and if I did, there were 3 courses I needed to take this Spring and I could graduate in May. I was in disbelief. She told me to apply for graduation, apply to transfer and for my FAFSA. I cried. I couldn’t help but cry. In one phone call she made this goal that seemed so far off,  attainable. I was going to graduate in 5 months. What?

I worked very hard during the Winter Session and now I have 4 weeks left of my Spring semester. I graduate 🎓 exactly a month from tomorrow. Due to Covid, unfortunately, I will not be able to walk. I am super disappointed because this is a huge milestone for me. So, to commemorate this experience, I got pictures taken! I will be graduating with my A.A. in Communications and have been accepted to CSUSB in the Fall to work towards my B.A.

I’ve been holding this in afraid that I wouldn’t make it. There were times, as you know, that I wanted to give up. Giving up would have been better than failing, or so I thought. I couldn’t do it. I had come too far to take the easy route. I don’t know if ill keep my As but, by golly, I’m getting that certificate! It seems unreal. I am so damn proud of myself.

God continues to teach me lessons. He shows me that I’m on the right path and rewards me for my faithfulness. My heart is full lately and I’m focused on what truly matters. I’m learning that I’m not to get comfortable how things are because there is something in store for me. God is good, all the time.

Well, that’s the big announcement. I’m a little preoccupied at the moment so, I will end it here. But, it’s never too late to be who you’re meant to be. I am about to be a college graduate! Woohoo!

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