Cloud 9, yes, I believe so.

I am beyond ecstatic at this very moment. I want to be jumping up and screaming for joy. Rather I am here with you and anxiously awaiting my time to speak with God. God is good to us and in due time, what’s meant to be will happen.

I was nervous this morning about the mini session I had scheduled this evening to get pictures taken. I haven’t done anything like that since the days of the mall. I am not my ideal weight and just a bit overwhelmed. Once I got back from my hairstylist and spent some time looking at these gorgeous curls, all the yuck went away. I was going to enjoy myself and at the very least, I could laugh at the photos.

Something unexpected happened. I don’t even want to share because I want to keep it close to my chest for a while. It was a marvelous thing and it changed our entire day. I haven’t seen Miah this genuinely happy in a while. Everything was that much better because of it. I think the saying that goes something like, it is well with my soul sounds about perfect here.

We shared a glorious evening filled with fun, laughter and a bunch of love. When my photographer friend asked Jeremiah if he was proud of his momma, the look on his face when he said yes, it is something I will never forget. I truly am doing something remarkable, it might now seem that way to you but I’m paving the way for my boys.

It has been a long day. It might be time for me to call it. I thought I knew what faith looked like, I thought I knew what love and pure happiness felt like and then God gifted me with abundance of it all and I wasn’t ready but, I accepted every last drop. I didn’t question or turn it away, I graciously accepted. My life is forever changed from the actions set forth today.

My happiness knows no end this evening. I am beginning to understand more about who I am. The woman I am working to become, she is pretty darn impressive. My mind is right and my thought process is healthy and in tact. I am overall satisfied with the woman staring back at me in the mirror. Today, I am rather taken by her beauty… haha. Man, it feels out of this world to see myself the way I do. Thank the Lord!

Oh, yes. Happy, sad, good, bad, near or far! Forever and Always!

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