Prioritize What Matters

So, this came up and it has been on my mind ever since. As adults, we think there is a way things have to be done. We assume that others have it all together and that we should as well. No one has it all together, let’s be honest. Everyone has areas they can improve, seriously.

So, why do we continue to juggle too many things and struggle when we become overloaded? Is it because you’re afraid of what others will think of you? If someone is going to judge you for giving your best and having the courage to know your limits, chances are, they are judging you even when you’re doing just fine. That’s pride and ego and well, it is not serving you.

What can we do? When I was overwhelmed and couldn’t juggle everything anymore, I had to decide what was important, what I had to hold on to no matter what. I held on for dear life to all of that and let the rest go. I then started giving the necessary attention to the things I kept hold of, the kids, myself, my future, my mental health, God, etc. I took my time to understand why this was my core, made sure that it all belonged here and poured my heart and soul into it all.

Once I was comfortable with juggling what I had, I looked around at what had fallen at the wayside and had to determine if those things were worthy of being added back to the mix or if they should remain out of it. If something came back into the fold, I learned to incorporate it and dedicate the time it required of me. This is all fluid and ever changing.

Through this process, I have added things that should have never returned and they were dropped again, I’ve forgotten things and had to reintroduce them. There is no right or wrong to this….except for overextending myself again. That I cannot do. I have to be self aware at all times. It is a bit tiring but, in doing so, it fills some of the dedication required to myself. Two birds, one stone. I am not afraid to admit when I have too much on my plate and I’m quick to add more if I think it possible. I am not in the rat race anymore and I don’t think I want to be. The only person I am competing with is the version of me from yesterday.

I am determined to keep moving forward, to being the best me I can be. I am not satisfied with mediocre and in the same breath, I am not okay with overloading myself to prove how much I can take on. Life is a balancing act… but, only when you’ve learned to give the appropriate attention to the things you initially chose to keep hold of. We must lay a foundation to build. A strong foundation. It isn’t a race. Try what feels right and then adjust. What’s meant to be will fit together like puzzle pieces when you’ve got it right.

This is where intuition comes into play. God has no problem guiding us as long as we are open to searching for the signs. We can’t rely on our brains because they only want to make sense of everything and some of the best things in life make no sense at all. Follow your gut, your instinct. Not sure how? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and just breathe. With patience, understanding and an open mind, you’ll figure it out. Breathe out the negative and in the positive. Give yourself grace as you find your way… celebrate the tiny victories. This is a forever thing so… take your time.

What matters to me is my family. They are my core. They are my priority… that includes me. Everyday I thank God for them, for loving us, for showing me how to love myself. You see, it all started with me. Xo

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