Who inspires me? My next speech is a commemorative one. I can choose an individual or a group of individuals to speak on. My main points are characteristics of them. This is exhilarating and nerve-wracking at the same time as I tend to overthink things. I am not sure which direction I want to take it. I mean, the people that inspire me now may not make sense to others… and normally that wouldn’t matter but, this is graded. Can I really choose someone because I think she’s a badass bitch? I’m not sure how that would fly.

I’m inspired by the underdogs. They are my kindred spirits. We’ve been knocked down, left broken and somehow we managed to pull ourselves up from our lowest lows and make broken look beautiful. I admire adversity and people that find their way out of the darkness. Those that pen their own story and have no regrets for doing so. Conformity is so boring…

I’ve noticed that I’ve become my own inspiration. I am in awe of what I am able to accomplish no matter what odds are stacked against me. Add the fact that for the most part, I maintain a positive attitude. Of course, sometimes I have the occasional slip-up and that’s okay, it makes me human. I’m planning on getting pictures taken for something I’m working on and although I’m not my ideal weight, I think I’m rather beautiful and plan to rock those photos. Probably in black…since that is a slimming color. Lol

My way of thinking about life and how it should be lived is evolving. I think I have to live more free… go with the flow and let it be. That is a way for me to honor my friend. To exude positivity as he did for so many years. I am happy. I am making every moment count. I am continously reminded that if I give my all to whatever it is I am doing, I will be rewarded. My all may be differ at times but even so… my video, was not my best but, I received wonderful remarks from my classmates. I did the best I could and God met me the rest of the way.

Speak about inspiration. HE is my inspiration. He never gives up on me. He is there no matter what is happening and He guarantees that even if I mess up, I can keep going and do better moving forward. I am blessed to be guided and protected. To have Him working wonders in my life, setting me and my family up for our happy as we continue on this journey. We are in transition. I know everything is going to be just fine. Believe it to receive it.

Look not only for inspiration but to inspire as well. Life is give and take. Accept the small victories and never lose sight of what you want.

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