How’s your long game? This thing we are doing, it is a forever kind of thing. Growing and learning, it never stops. We never reach perfection, and thank goodness because that would make life boring. We have to pace ourselves, still recognize our small victories but understand that anything that comes easy is probably not worth the effort spent to attain it.

While I have come far, my life is still not where it should be. I have plenty of setbacks each and every day. Most I discuss here but, bigger things, those are kept close to my chest. I am always juggling many things at once. I have admitted that I am struggling to keep me and my schooling a priority during this time I’ve needed to help my Nana. Today again, I had to choose being here with her over doing other important things, schoolwork being one of them. I am just sitting watching TV with her but, she enjoys the companionship and I enjoy being the one to give it to her.

Don’t assume you know what someone is going through, don’t judge unless ye too shall be judged. I had to have some tough conversations this evening and it is frustrating.

I tell you one thing though, I’m blessed to have the children that I do. Man, my Miah, he’s got a good heart and he really steps up when he knows I need him to. He is having a hard time this week. Something he was super excited for didn’t pan out for him. I got his hopes up but, he’s not mad, only disappointed. The other day we were comparing bellies, I don’t know why, because we are silly and I said something about how I need to work on mine. He said for me not to worry about it. He knows I’m dealing with a lot but he has no doubt that when things settle down that I will work on losing weight again. He saw how hard I was working before. I swear, this kid doesn’t say much but what he does say, he never ceases to amaze me.

We’ve got to keep going you know? We can’t give up and we can’t run out of steam. We can however, reward ourselves. When all this is said and done, I see a mini vacation or shoot, maybe a whole one in our future. No sweating the small stuff. Life is meant to be lived…live, love and be happy! Yes, let’s be happy. We may get knocked down but let’s not stay down. We deserve more than that. Well, I think this is where I leave you, until tomorrow that is. Wish me speech writing luck! Xo

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