Do Everything with Meaning

I’m an all about the little things type of woman. I take time to pick out just the right card and really put thought into my gifts. I don’t just buy some random thing off Amazon and call it a day. I think it’s because I never had too much to spend but also, I wanted to make it count, make the recipient feel special.

I think that I accomplished that for my boys this Easter. I am proud of the gifts… Miah already has his of course (I’ve learned not to buy things without him present). We had a great day shopping. It has been forever since we’ve been out like that and although we are exhausted, it was much needed. Charlie got to come with so it was very nice. I hid empty eggs for them. The one with the most eggs got to pick where we ate lunch and the one that found the golden egg 🥚 got $20. Miah technically won both but Charlie pushed him out of the way to get the golden egg.

We ended up getting sushi for lunch and ate it in the car in the parking structure at the mall. It was nice though and the California rolls were super fresh. We shopped in many stores and I must admit, although waiting in lines was the name of the game today, the customer service in every store was impeccable. I am impressed. Everyone was mindful of the social distancing and did a great job of wiping down the counters before ringing up a new customer. I could get used to that level of awareness from retailers.

Overall, we had an awesome day. We did learn that we are not built to wear masks for an extended period of time. We did have some great conversations and got to be silly. Charlie wanted pictures with the Easter Bunny so bad but Miah wouldn’t do it. I took picture of them though so…. she got those. I wasn’t able to get my little’s stuff to him. I have to figure it out by tomorrow. Ah… lol

I think it is time for a new tattoo. I need something to hurt so good. Well, shit, I’ve had a years worth of that but, I need some new ink. I found the perfect tattoo and now it is just calling for me. All of my tattoos can be hidden, thats kind of what I like about them. I choose if I want them shown. This new one will not be able to be hidden. So, I have to choose wisely, again do everything with meaning.

Tomorrow is Easter. I will be preparing most of the food. Yes, you heard that correctly, I, Stephanie will be making most of the stuff. What da hell? 😄 I’m actually looking forward to it. Beyond the Easter Bunny, I know that the day has a greater importance and that has been weighing on my mind.

Jesus rose from the dead. He died for all of our sins and then rose. We cannot take that lightly. Tomorrow is an opportunity to wipe your slate clean. What better day? I have worked out most of my issues so I don’t have anything major to let go of. I have noticed many forgotten things have risen to the surface so I will be forgiving people and circumstances to free myself of those burdens. I don’t have the time or energy for such negativity.

I am still here, working on this. Contemplating what my next step is. I am thinking about a social media sabbatical… but, this doesn’t count. I don’t get caught up here. This is my happy space. My me time. Speaking of me time, I have a speech due on Thursday that I haven’t finished researching or writing. Ay… wish me luck.

Anyways, I think I got off topic. I am tired but today was a taste of normalcy and it was all good. Just remember to do things with meaning. It may not be a big deal to you but it won’t go unnoticed with others. Even a small gesture is something. ♡

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