To Be Known

If I’ve learned anything over the course of this last year, it is to share my knowledge. I went through it my friends, that doesn’t mean I have to stand by and watch others experience the same when I can help them grow through the process faster. I believe that God teaches us so that we may in turn become teachers ourselves. We are not intended to be selfish with our wisdom but share it to elevate others as He has chosen to elevate us.

I am far from perfect, this is for sure. I am nowhere near to knowing it all. All I do know is that I have not only survived but thrived through everything that has attempted to break me. I come out of the fire stronger and more determined to prove the devil wrong. It is possible to be a good person and get ahead in life. You do not have to sacrifice your dignity, loyalty or respect for yourself and others. Those that do, that is a choice they made.

Starting over at my age was scary as hell. I cried so much I honestly don’t know how I have any water in my body. Growing through everything I was forced to deal with was difficult. I can sit here now and tell you what a healing transformation it was though. I see things from a completely different perspective. I surprise myself when things don’t trigger the same responses they once did. I can easily pull the positive out of a situation and leave the negative behind.

As I keep taking steps to better myself, to understand how to live my life the way God intended, I pray that He will allow others to be moved by my story. I want to inspire hope. I want people to understand that they can’t change the past but, each day is a new day full of possibilities. We choose how we plan to spend it but, once it is gone, that’s it. I am proof that sitting on the sidelines doesn’t get us anywhere. We have to step down into the arena, we have to be willing to fight for our life, for ourselves, for what we want.

When we pass, we live through the memories of those that know and love us. I think about that a lot… since my Cheese is obsessed with Coco. If you were not blessed with a tomorrow, would the story you want told of you be the one that people remember? Think about it? I’ve changed my story and the way others view me. I don’t look for approval or acceptance but the more confident in myself I become, the more others take notice. I’m proud of how my son views me… can you say the same?

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