Keeping My Stride

I am getting the reputation for doing what must be done no matter what within my family. Taking on the responsibility for my Nana has been a major task, one that has not been easy but, as she slowly starts to feel better, I am being recognized for my dedication to her health. My family sees that I lovingly did what was necessary and it is paying off. She is stubborn and set in her ways but, I towed the line and she knew I meant business. Tonight, I can rest easier as we’ve successfully started to space out the time in between her pain meds. I know it seems silly and yet, it is a big deal to us.

I didn’t lose momentum with school either. I thought I was going to, I was ready to throw in the towel but something inside of me just wouldn’t let me give up. Now I am halfway done with the semester and even though this is technically Spring Break, I have research for my speech due next week. There is no doubt in my mind that these next eight weeks will prove rather challenging. The closer I get to my goal, the more obstacles I find in my way. Anything worth having is worth the risk and so, I will push on. I’m not looking for a perfect grade as long as I pass. There is an opportunity for a speech in front of lots of people and I am deciding if I want to take the leap and apply for it. I’ll decide before the end of the week.

In other news, yes, tomorrow is another milestone I am not looking forward to hitting and it is still here. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and I’m proud of who I am. In some twisted way, I needed this time to find me. To prove that I could stand firmly on my own and be successful. It has not changed what I want, who I want but, I have changed and for the better. I love the woman that stares back at me in the mirror. I never thought I’d feel this way and now I never want to not feel this way. I have overcome every obstacles that has been put in my way. I did it with honor and integrity and a pure heart.

My life is transitioning and I pray it all works out the way I want. I pray that God and I have the same vision for my family’s future. Either way, I will continue to move forward with grace and grit. Fighting for what I want and believing that I deserve it. I lean more into my intuition now to guide me through these uncharted waters, asking for patience as I do my best not to control the process.

I was able to give Miah some incredible news today. Something that made him very happy. A simple request but it is life changing for him, for us. Proof that you can never stop believing. I’m excited for him. God is good…all of the time!

I have find a little peace this evening. As my Nana just went to bed and she’s not in pain at the moment and I know that I did good by Miah, I am feeling so relaxed. Still missing my little, always missing him but, sending love anyways. I’m keeping my stride somehow and making big plans for our future. 2021, we’ve still got a lot to accomplish. Let’s do it!

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