Late Night…

Working on school stuff… won’t post til after midnight. I’ll be back!

Okay, so I was late turning in an assignment. Hopefully my professor won’t make me lose any points, I wrote way more than I needed to. I am so tired and this team no sleep needs some damn sleep.

I am very proud of the work I turned in today. My son turned a bunch in for himself as well. He was able to meet with his counselor and discuss his classes for next year. He is on track to graduate on time and doing very well. She commended him for knowing what he wants and being able to express his intentions for his future in such a clear manor. Well, it is because his momma is always talking about it and forcing him to understand the weight of his decisions and actions. I don’t mind if he doesn’t have a destination but, he WILL fly! Lol

I don’t know how I have humanly been able to accomplish everything I have with my lack of sleep. I honestly give it all to God. He has taken the wheel and guided me through this turbulent part of the ride. I have to keep holding on and believe it all has a purpose. I know it does.

Short but sweet tonight my friends. I have to close my eyes before I have to get up again and give my Nana medicine. Say a prayer and wish me luck. Through Christ all things are possible. Xo

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