Lost Track of Time

Oh no… first time I am late posting. It is still night but, I did not post within the 24 hours of yesterday. Oh my goodness. I got so wrapped up in schoolwork that I just remembered.

Okay, I’ll keep it short because I am in the middle of research. But, I am breaking my Nana out tomorrow. I am beyond excited but trying to get as much school stuff out of the way. Today the facility was very mean to her and the nurses were speaking ill of her in Spanish not knowing that that is her first language. So, I pushed for her to be released.

With that, u may have more days coming where I don’t write or time escapes me. I wish my video thing was working because that is easier but… I don’t know. Just know that I am making things happen. I have not given up on myself, I am pushing forward and now taking on this major role for my Nana. She has decided to relinquish power of attorney to me so we will be making that adjustment soon as well.

I ask for your thoughts and prayers and for my guardian angels to remain close. I am sure to have moments of doubt but I know that as long as I remain true, I will get through this better than when it all started. Goodnight all!

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