Caught up in the words

I am feverishly practicing my speech that is due tomorrow. I think I’ve made the necessary tweaks and am finally content with what I have written. Now it is a matter of delivering in a way that seems natural and unrehearsed. Oh my goodness, I need strength to get through this.

So much to do in the next 24 hours. Not sure why I got this behind. I mean Nana isn’t feeling well and she take priority. I can’t ignore her needs no matter what that might do to what I’m trying to accomplish. I know that if this is meant to happen, God will guide .e to crank everything out. No one has help with the PowerPoint for Argumentation and I am super pissed about it. I guess I have to finish it…. won’t be the best but at least it is something.

I know my speech. It is about me. I know what I need to say but I am getting caught up on the words. Wanting everything to be said as it is written on the paper. I am nervous as others have started posting theirs on the discussion board. This is the easiest speech so, I should be able to get through it with ease. I am not sure why I care so much. Perhaps because everyone has to critique it. I shudder thinking about it. Oh my goodness.

Tomorrow I will be getting all dressed up to get this taken care of and done. Oh my goodness. Wish me well and send good thoughts my way. I am learning to let go of the structure as in my speech and go with the flow… I know what needs to be said. I can do this. Mastering public speaking will open many doors for me. Baby steps Steph. I’ve got this big time per Mz. G! ♡

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