Mind Over Matter

Somehow, some way, that’s what I always say. I seem to keep forgetting who I am and what it is that I am trying to accomplish here. I don’t know why the gray clouds have been forming lately and then to make matters worse, I stand right underneath them. I am allowing that negativity to dwell and it is not healthy or assisting me in any good way. I have to snap out of it and focus back on what really matters.

I have been sitting here working on school stuff and was able to knock out more than I expected. I am not quite finished but this is a group project and I need some help from the group. If it doesn’t come, I will just get it all done. Let’s see though. I am trying my best not to mom these kids. My speech is due on Friday and I am not as prepared as I should be. I think that will be my main focus tomorrow so that I can record on Thursday and give myself time to upload the video on Friday. Persuasion work should be easy to knock out all on Friday as long as we can make headway on these Google slides for class.

I am feeling more me today. I was able to catch up on my sleep so although my mind is racing, it is not as hectic as it has been in more recent days. I am focused on what I am doing and just plugging away. No one else is going to do this but me and if I don’t succeed, I will only have myself to blame. I am putting in the time and effort so I have to believe in myself, in my ability to do what I must, I know I can.

As I have mentioned recently, I have felt this gut feeling that all is going to be okay. I just have to give into it instead of questioning how and when because that contradicts my somehow, some way motto I have going. I know it is going to happen, I just have to embrace patience and hold on for dear life. Taking chances is scary isn’t it? But, kind of scary exciting. There is only one me, and although often imitated, I’ll never be duplicated. Lol…. I am enough, more than enough! Keep your head in the game and go after what you want. What is yours will always be yours. Stop the doubting, it doesn’t look good on you!

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