Firefly Lane

I finished watching the new Netflix series this evening and I am already wanting more. It was not easy to watch for many reasons and it kept me hooked for so many others.

I understood while watching the show that I have grown because I was able to see things from the perspective of all the characters involved…maybe my Intro to Film class helped out too. Too often we only see things from one point of view, typically the one we can relate to the most. In doing so we miss out on opportunities to grow, to gain a new perspective and maybe learn something new. I also had to learn about being a better listener for my Public Speaking class, it aided in me fully immersing myself into the show.

This might seem superficial to you but, it is not. Each person has a right to perceive a message how they want, AFTER they’ve truly listened to what was being said without distraction, judgment or rebuttal. Active listening is important and so is asking questions to confirm the message was meant the way you understood it. We are always so quick to interrupt or hear something we don’t like and be conjuring up a rebuttal that we stop listening regardless if we are missing an important part of the message. I have done this a lot before. I had to make sure that I got my point across no matter what. I am working on being a better listener.

There are many ways to get where we are going in life some come with risk of not being able to go back or choose another option. I’ve been thinking about that lately. I’ve been thinking about the choices I’ve made and the decisions I have ahead of me. Trying to make sure that I am looking at things clearly and from the right perspective. I amaze myself at how I’ve found the word no. If something doesn’t feel right or if it is not in line with what I want, I can’t do it, even if it is going to hurt someone’s feelings. I would never intentionally hurt someone but, I now know that I can’t appease others while stifling myself. I have to make me and mine happy. That is my responsibility. I am not responsible for anybody else. It is freeing to know this and accept it. I’ve done things too many times for others, now I do for me.

I am feeling a bit stressed for what I have on my plate and I’ve been procrastinating. I appreciate these moments of clarity and the fact that I can notice all the things that come in my path to teach me something. I’ve been missing some like crazy lately…. staying up even after the sun comes up. Even now, typing this my heart feels heavy. I have to trust the process. Let go and let God. Anyways, have a good evening my friends! We will be back here tomorrow. Xo

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