Where did the time go?

I am not quite sure where the time went today. I have been hopping back and forth from thing to thing and now it is nearing midnight and I just barely sat down to write this. I have just finished my journal for Public Speaking and started my first speech, well, the first draft at least. Miah and I completed his assignment for Chemistry trying to figuring out the elements on the periodic table from a list of clues. Now I have to start on Persuasion because I haven’t done any of that this week. I have been attempting to get in contact with my “group” for Argumentation. I am in an asynchronous learning environment for a reason, I don’t want to work with people. I want to be responsible for my grade and not have to rely on anyone. This is really stressing me out and I may ask to just work on my own. We are supposed to read two chapters and create PowerPoints or some other way to teach the rest of the class about the chapters so that we all don’t have to read and listen to lecture. I like reading and listening to lecture….again, why I chose asynchronous learning.

Anyways, I got a lot of the kitchen done with a good scrub and I shall finish tomorrow. I am trying to find a way to help my Nana organize things better so that it makes sense and everything has its own place. She is a creature of habit and likes to hold on to things she doesn’t need so this shall be fun. She is still in pain and at this point, we are all frustrated. She is using a walker and I do not want her to become used to it and then dependent. We try to get stuff for her as much as possible but I know that is not good either. We just hate hearing her moan in pain and how long it takes her to do simple tasks. This is not my Nana. She will come out of this and we will be okay. I am doing all I can to make things as easy on her as possible. It feels amazing to be able to give back to the woman that has given me so much.

Still feeling the pressure of school but pressing forward. I guess I will drive until the wheels fall off and fingers crossed that they never do. There is an internship I would be perfect for, I just have to get the courage to apply. First, gotta meet with a counselor to help with my resume. I am not good at selling myself through resumes and cover letters and thank goodness, there is assistance with that through the school. I figure I might as well take advantage of the help. It would be an awesome step to be able to get the internship and work on social media strategies for a global company…with a professional mentor. I mean, come on!

Well, I still have a couple of hours of work to do if not more, depends on my level of note taking tonight. I don’t mind it though. I like doing something that I feel confident about and am good at. It calms me. I know, I am weird.

Anyways, have a good night. Squeeze your loved ones, I’m staring at mine sleep right now…. Talk to you tomorrow.

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