Stephie on a Sunday

Oh em gee… I have recorded two videos and can’t get them to post. I am working off of just a few hours of sleep and perhaps my brain is not working right.

We had a great day! I took the kids to Idyllwild to play in snow. There wasn’t much but we found some. Miah and Charlie made a snowman. I was missing my little something fierce. But, I kept a smile on my face and made the best of our day. It was cold… and there were lots of people out. We maintained our distance at all times and of course had on our masks.

I am trying to not make today hard on me. But, this isn’t the date we celebrated anyways so it isn’t so bad. Posts on social media on the other hand… ugh. I am not jealous though…. what’s meant for me is coming. I have to remain faithful in God’s plan.

So, schoolwork is done and it is time to start next week’s stuff… probably after some sleep. A speech is in my near future though. My knees are shaking, lol. 14 more weeks people, yes, we are counting.

I hope you all had a special day if that’s what you wanted. With everything going on in this world, don’t hesitate to tell those you love that you love them. Make the most of the time you’ve got. No need to wait for a special occasion.

I’ve got to go before I do get emotional and the fact that I’m tired is not a good combination. I know what’s in my heart, and so do they. Enjoy your evening.

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