To All the Boys: Always and Forever

I shouldn’t have but I did and of course I’m crying. It ended as it should so, at least there is that. A great soundtrack and parts that feel like they were pulled from my life. Peter and everything with his dad, kind of hit too close to home. Miah is hurting because he doesn’t feel chosen. I choose him all day, every day but that’s something he knows. He is still waiting for someone else to choose him… to show him.

I’m a sucker for love and I suck at it. While I will be my own Valentine tomorrow, I rather that because I can’t be with whom I want. It has been almost a year… I mean, we are getting closer every day. This time last year, I was planning our forever. I guess I’ve proven that my feelings are real and true and I wasn’t committed out of comfort. My heart still beats the three same names…

Anyways, it is an awesome movie and it put me in my feels… something I’ve been avoiding. Tomorrow is just another day… it is not my Valentine’s Day anyways. But, if you’re interested in a good song, here you go!

Oh, and of course watch the movie. Lara Jean is wise beyond her years and I see so much of myself in her. So, ya, um, I’m going to leave it at that. Goodnight.

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