Catching some Zzzz’s

This not being able to go to sleep until early in the morning thing finally caught up with me today. I slept almost all day. I am still tired so, I am hoping I can head to bed soon and then get back on a normal routine. I don’t mind going to bed after midnight but not falling asleep until 5 or 6am is so not the business.

Listening to my body is a big deal for me. If I can master it while life is slower, I am hoping to continue to do so when life gets crazy again. I need to hop on my schoolwork though and I just don’t want to. I helped Miah with his Spanish and some World Cultures but, Communications is just not speaking to me today. I have to be careful because I am used to being close to the finish line and self sabotaging. I cannot let that happen now. I’ve worked too hard to choke now.

I want to be able to get out and do. I think I’m going stir crazy. Oh how I wish I was quarantined in a larger house. Or not with Nana so I didn’t have to take such extreme precautions. I hate being told what to do but, putting my Nana at risk is not an option. She’s already not 100% so, I can’t push the envelope. In my dreams we have a place and I am slowly but surely crossing things off my wish list and adding it to my hope chest.

Well, I am going to see if I can call it a night. Lots of things planned for tomorrow and I’ve procrastinated enough. I’ve gotta complete my own honey dos. Have a good night all and get some rest!

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