Another Productive Day

Oh my goodness, I lost track of time and almost didn’t get to this on time. I just finished about my 4th load of laundry and still one more in the dryer. I am going through and organizing things that I couldn’t bring myself to do. Sorting what has been outgrown or will never be worn again. It is a lot of work and more tasking than I care to explain.

On the bright side, my brother’s team won the Super Bowl today! We are so stoked for him and the Buccaneers! It was a great game… Brady was phenomenal. Of course, my memories had to pop up reminding me that our Broncos won 5 years ago today….pictures of my family so very happy. My Nana even watched with us which made it more fun for me as I was yelling at the players…lol

So far I have gotten perfect scores on all my assignments from last week and I get ready to transition into week 2 tomorrow. I can tell my Public Speaking Professor is going to make us work for our grades this semester. She loads on the assignments. It is okay because I like to be challenged.

Speaking of that, I read about an interview that Amanda Gorman had with Michelle Obama stating that she isn’t lightening, striking once and disappearing, she is a hurricane that’s going to keep coming back year after year. I feel women rising in power and stature, preparing to take our rightful place at the table. I have never been more proud to be a woman and I think I’m peaking at a time that is going to be beneficial for what it is I am trying to accomplish. We’ve found our voice, no longer are we fumbling for words or graciously accepting the scraps we’ve been given. Now, I don’t want to do what a man does but, I want to be noticed as an equal partner for what I, as a woman contribute.

I never wanted to be a homemaker. Well, not until 7 years ago. I finally found the man to my woman but, anyways, I thought I had to choose. Society tells us we can’t be a successful mother and work, it is one or the other. I always wanted to work, to contribute financially for what we had. Last year though, I was ready to be wife and mom and bring a new life into this world and say goodbye to working for a while. Well, that was a dream. But, I know I am strong enough to do both. I can bring home the bacon and fry it in a pan. I can work to support my little family and keep my house. There is no shame in wanting both. I can do whatever I want, I can be whomever I want to be.

The more I do, the more energy I have to do more and the more I want to do. I was talking to my Nana the other day. She said that she wrote the date as 2001 and I said I wish I could go back. She asked if I was serious. I told her, yes, things would be different and she asked if I was sure. I told her I wouldn’t want to know what I know now because I need my boys, just how they are, and my Rafe and Raiyhn. But, I would want one thing. Just to tell myself to follow my gut. To disregard everything else and listen only to my intuition…. my life would be so different just by doing that. I’ve learned now though. My intuition guides me on the daily.

I may not be where I want to be but I’m on my way. My family, they are irreplaceable and I wouldn’t change anything if it meant not having them. Some aren’t with me physically but they are in my heart and on my mind. Rules. Arent. For . Everyone!

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