Super busy…

Not much to say tonight. I am full of energy and working on getting stuff done. Organizing and just keeping busy. I don’t know where this energy came from but it is much needed and I am taking full advantage.

I need to add two posts for one class and then be done. I think I’m going to do it now. Everything else has been graded and I’m at 100% for the first week with rave reviews from my professors.

I am really making an effort to only be positive. Nana isn’t feeling well and I had a moment but, I quickly turned it around and only put positive vibes out into the universe. Everything is telling me that I am on the cusp of something. Not entirely sure what it is…nevertheless, my excitement is mounting. I am ready for the good.

Changing my mindset has impacted my life in many ways. The things that I like on my social media platforms has changed what I see, the people and pages that I am drawn to and I don’t mind it at all. I am adapting. Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

Anyways, I am doing laundry and probably going to hop in the shower. All this cleaning has me feeling hot and yucky. I need to feel fresh to ensure a good night’s sleep…when I finally fall asleep. Happy Saturday all! Oh, and positive vibes for my browser team tomorrow! Go Buccaneers! They aren’t the Broncos but they’re his team and they made it to the Super Bowl.

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