Still in a good mood!

I am in such a good mood. I can’t help it. Just feeling good in my own skin and not caring about what anyone else thinks. I am getting my shit on track, holding myself accountable in a way I’ve never done before and I can’t stop smiling. I am building layers on top of this foundation. Brick by brick baby…. setting myself up to lead the life I want.

I have been kind of feeling myself all day… lmao. My SnapChat was my best friend today (not literally, that’s my Letty!). I even recorded another video for you but for some reason it won’t load and I was like fuck it, I’ll write tonight. Not need to get upset over something so simple. I am here eatcing some locolicious (arroz con leche) with a Dr. Pepper and in a great mood. I have tonight off from school so I am deciding if I am going to Netflix it, or Hulu The Duff because I haven’t watched it yet today or read my Girl Wash Your Face book. Decisions, decisions.

I think I’m making healthy choices for my life… don’t mind my snacking (it makes me happy and keeps the ass big). I know I need to incorporate more exercise. I’m just so busy doing other things at the moment and need to be mindful of the people around me. I’ll get there though. I have a deadline in my mind to be able to see a noticeable difference so I got to get to it. If I’m not motivated or doing it for the right reasons I won’t succeed though so, I’m working on that.

Man, I am in awe of where I’m at and all the amazing things on the horizon. My family though, they are always on my mind and in my heart. They are part of me and inspire me in everything that I do. I’m a better me because they loved me when I couldn’t love myself. They gave me a reason to continue until I could be my own reason. I am so grateful. I will work the rest of my life to keep this up, to not all they did for me be wasted.

Happy, sad, good, bad near or far….

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