Um, Spring Semester… let’s go!

I am proud of my progress, nervous about this upcoming school session but I know I don’t grow when I’m comfortable. I don’t like speaking in front of people and I have to do speeches for all of my classes. What have I gotten myself into? I feel this pull, I know the skills I learn this semester will be utilized the rest of my life to speak for myself and on behalf of others in a manner which requires my words to be listened to. God gives us exactly what we need if we are paying attention.

I was talking to my Nana earlier, about where I feel I’m at with my life and then a song came on the radio to solidify it. I told her see. God just proved to you that this is the path for me. She laughed and said as long as I’m happy… I appreciate the level of respect I have earned over the course of this last year.

Anyways, my stomach is killing me and I just need to lay down. School begins in the morning and I have so much to do. Wish me luck! 5/28 will come sooner than I think!!

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