Life is Messy…

Have you ever been so sad or overwhelmed or exhausted that you let things go? Your dishes pile up, or your laundry is in baskets, clean but unfolded and the more “stuff” accumulates, the less motivated you are to clean the mess?

I’ve done that more times than I like to admit. What is absurd is how much better you feel when it’s all done so why do we still choose to procrastinate? I love a clean house, fresh linens and the smell of candles or house cleaner. I like the sense of accomplishment I feel when I cook dinner and wash all the dishes so when I walk out of the kitchen everything is done. But, when it’s messy, I don’t know where to start and it gets messier.

That’s how it seems to be with life as well. We know we need to address something but we don’t want to or don’t know how so we leave it and it festers and becomes an even bigger issue than it initially was which makes us less inclined to address it. There is only so much that can be swept under the rug before things start to seep out. I can’t comprehend why we do this. If a mistake has been made, it is better to come clean yourself then for it to be found out from someone else. I know in my life, there were things I wanted to run from and over this last year I learned that yes, I was running but there was a string attached and the people or issues I ran from, they held the other end of the string. So, no matter how far I ran, they were still part of me. When I stopped running and faced them head on, I was able to cut the string and truly leave it all behind.

Staying organized literally and mentally affects us in many positive ways. Just me writing this every day allows me to work through things I didn’t even know were bothering me until I write about it. Knowing where everything is, understanding that your thoughts and intentions are clearly communicated prevent anything from building up. I know that as of Monday this new workload is going to be a test of my time management skills and I’ve been attempting to prepare the best I can in preparation. Clearing my space and my mind from any distractions.

I love a messy life when it comes to family. I don’t need perfection just real and candid. Let’s fight and make up. Have a water fight in the house or everyone dog pile, pups included. That’s the kind of mess I want all day. Too much fun outside that we get a sunburn or take too long of a drive and run out of gas. Life’s little oops that make wonderful memories and great conversations with friends… remember that one time dad caught you by your face? Lol

I am working to find balance. I am so glad I know what it looks like… for me. I know how to listen to my body and my gut. I have the tools to be able to do what must be done. And, God always provides exactly what I need. He proved himself in more than one way today. Small little reminders that He’s got me and that I am to stay the course. I am, I am. Things are not perfect but I’m moving in the right direction. I am satisfied in my skin and I know who I am.

I could use a little messy in my life right now…

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