A Different Point of View

So, I just finished my Intro to Art Netflix assignment for tonight. I had to watch a movie from New Zealand – Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It is a great movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had to give a movie review on our class discussion board and then respond to two classmates as well. I read one person’s review and she slammed everything about the movie. Now, I get it if it was her honest opinion but in reading it, it read more like a cop-out, she didn’t give exact examples of what she didn’t like, it was more like the Cliff’s notes version and she couldn’t even call the characters by their names. I wanted to light her up but decided to just keep scrolling.

That has me thinking. How can two people look at the same thing and see something so opposite? I mean, I know that opinions are going to differ but I highly doubt that extreme. I am starting to think it is because one doesn’t want to see whatever it is for what it really is. I think that even if they did see it for what it was, there would be something holding them back. Why is the question? Why not be honest with yourself and with others? To someone that is paying attention…. it is easy to see that your deflection or rejection is intentional and it brings the spotlight on you. I mean, my Professor is going to sniff that out easily. There is no way that person is getting full credit for her assessment or truly a lack of an assessment while all of the rest of us put in the work.

My opinion, the way I see things may not always be popular but I teach my kids that their feelings, their thoughts matter and mine do to. So, you can go off and think and feel the way you want and I will do the same. But, I will do the same. I am not going to push aside what I feel to make someone else feel better. I’ve done that too many times and ended up in situations I didn’t need to be in. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am respectful and very aware of other’s feelings. It’s just, if I am not feeling it, then I don’t have to talk to you. I am not going to be nice and oblige you for you to get the wrong idea and me feel like I am stuck. No thank you, not going to happen. I will politely decline any advances as to not confuse anyone.

I don’t know where I am going with this. I am just thinking about how when I thought all was good and was met with opposition, I don’t think that it was all bad. I think that everything being good was scary, especially when you’re used to the bottom falling out when you least expect it. When you are accustomed to good things going wrong, you can accept or relax when things are truly good, you keep waiting for it all to turn around on you. But, that’s when remembering what was said and done comes in handy and then things start to make sense and I realize I wasn’t losing my mind.

Shoot, if I don’t walk away from this laptop, I might just lose my mind. I have been on this damn thing too much today because of work. I only have a few more days left and then a week off before Spring Semester starts! Oh my goodness y’all. Shit is getting real. Big things are coming, big things! Anyways, my eyes are red and I need some water in my life. Have a good night.

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