Oh em gee

Time has slipped away from me today. I didn’t even realize it was midnight so, this might not show that I posted it on the 18th but, I did.

I am beyond tired for some reason today. The weight of everything is kind of overtaking me and wearing me out. I also feel all this yucky coming to an end and I think I need to reenergize. I wish I could run off and take a little vacation, rent a hotel room somewhere, perhaps by the beach and just get away. Shut my brain off and immerse myself in the moment.

I’m in my head too much. But, thankful for my gut that it won’t let me do things that are not in my best interest. I am really tempted to make a move that may satisfy me short term but is not meant for me long term. My gut, my soul, won’t let me do it. On the radio today, song after song was sending me messages and if that wasn’t loud and clear, then my tummy does its thing and gets all knotty. Yes, I know, I hear you. I am not going to do anything that does not work in my favor, that does not coincide with what I am working for. I dislike being a rule follower sometimes.

I am still playing catch up with my schoolwork. I am going to work my ass off to be caught up by tomorrow. I think that will help my overall mood and attitude as well. Man, today I was not having it, I had a short temper but I’m confined to my home so no one was injured. Lol.

Anyways y’all, I am exhausted and I’m a little emotional and don’t want to say anything I may regret or get in trouble for. I’m praying for our country tonight and I suggest you do the same. Things are crazy right now and I think we could all use a little peace. God Bless.

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