Renewed Sense of Peace

I let all the yucky go today! Got rid of it… washed my hands of it…bye! Lol If only things were that easy. In a sense, it is what I did. I apologized to God for being so emotional and reminded him that he knows what’s in my heart, he put it there afterall. I shouldn’t stress over things He controls. I hate getting this emotional. Nothing that some Dr. Pepper, Chocolate and Ibuprofen can’t fix.

I went with the flow, I got to drive a cute little car with some major kick. I serenaded my son while I was driving (he thought it was funny…). I sang My Girl but changed it to My Son. We rapped to some Regulator and Gangstas Paradise and bumped it when Boys in the Hood came on! Thanks to the bestie, Josh, we had an awesome mix for our drive. MyMi is finally appreciating my kind of music.

School, well, I am in a rush to play catch-up. I will need a movie marathon tomorrow to make it happen and get back on track but, I’ve got this! Crunch time is when I perform the best. I’m making moves and if all goes well, tomorrow may be the start of something new for me, something that will make a difference for the better and I could use some of that right now.

My head and my heart…totally jumbled. Don’t let my happy fool you. I’m okay with it being jumbled. I mean it hurts like he’ll but, when I stop to think of it, when I think of the alternative, this is still what I want. So, suck it up buttercup! Lol I am not on a deadline or about to force anything that isn’t for me. This is telling me to stay in my lane. Don’t start something I don’t want to start and don’t plan to finish. Tests… always being tested.

Anything is possible, when you just believe. I believe my life is meant to be beautiful. That’s all I need to know to inspire me to reach for the stars. I’m uncertain what tomorrow holds but, let’s find out together… meet me back here tomorrow evening. Hopefully I will be all smiles!

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