More to Movies

Oh my goodness, so it is almost midnight and I am just starting this. I have been a movie watching fool today along with everything else. No, not binge watching, only watching the movies that I have to watch for school. My brain can’t seem to handle any more. I am being tasked with looking at movies from different angles, today was to pay attention to color. Last night I had to watch Miracle – what a great movie. Tonight, I wasn’t so lucky. I had to watch Eurovision with Will Ferrell. It wasn’t as bad as I thought but still dumb. I guess my disinterest in the movie did help me pick up on the use of colors for me to be able to reference in my assignment I had to turn in.

Did you know that so much thought goes into movies than what we think? Every camera shot, the angle, the closeness, the lighting, the props, the wardrobe and makeup, the color of everything. I realized, I do not do movies justice. I watch them for pure entertainment and do not revel in the artistry that goes into making it. I watched a short video that a student did referring to the use of color used in Sicario. Let me tell you, never would I have pulled out of that what she did without her video. I have seen the movie and took it at face value. Movies can have so many hidden meanings and symbols, things that are intentionally placed and we could completely miss it. It’s like watching an animated movie these days with kids, they laugh at the adult humor because we are laughing but they don’t really get it. I don’t get it… lol, sorry, I can hear my little one saying that in my head…. ❤ I want to get it, I want to be able to watch a movie and see it for everything it is. I know that may mean having to stop and rewind or to watch it multiple times but, some movies will be worth it.

Of course, I love my movies to just distract me so I am not planning on analyzing every movie but, if there are good ones coming out, I may do a little research beforehand, or perhaps after if I didn’t realize a movie deserved more attention than I gave it. I kind of feel like those movies right now, only taken at face value and not being given the attention that I deserve, going unnoticed when I have many meaning and symbols and new perspectives to share with the world.

Anyways, I am feeling a bit more accomplished today. Last night’s assignment didn’t get turned in until today. I am realizing I need more time to think about the movies to choose the scenes to write about. Finishing a movie and then spitting something out just isn’t my style. I know I lose points but I rather turn in something I am proud of and get deducted points for being late than turning in something that is half-assed and not getting full points for it. I may not have 100% in the class from my late assignments but I have received all of the points on every assignment I have turned in.

There is more to everything in life. We are fools for discounting anything. A lamp is just that until you’re in the dark and looking for light. Everything has a place, everyone has a part. Respect it all and you’ll receive respect back. I’m always learning even when I don’t think there is a lesson to be learned.

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