I can’t stop dreaming, the Sandman keeps bringing me dreams…without me singing the song. Haha! Last night, I don’t remember all of it, it was clear as day when it was happening though, I know that much. The one thing that impacted me most was the overwhelming sense that I’m okay and everything is working in my favor. I felt loved and that I wasn’t alone anymore. I can’t wait for me to truly feel that way, but, no rush.

I can’t believe we are almost halfway through the first month of this year. More so, all the division that our country is experiencing right now with everyone thinking they are right and anyone that opposes them is wrong. Where did the compassion and understanding go? At this time, I am thankful to be locked up in the house and not having to deal with people spreading hate.

How ironic that I am typing this and just noticed that on the television is the ending of the Green Mile where John is telling Tom Hanks that he is tired. He is tired of all the hate in the world. I feel the same way. No one wants to take accountability, they just place on somebody else. Two wrongs do not make a right. I have experienced this so much in my own life, I am forgiving to a fault and give people numerous chances but, it is rare that when I’m in the wrong that I receive the same in return.

You know, I had a lot to say today but, after watching the ending, the tears won’t stop flowing. It’s got me thinking about so much and I can’t see through the tears. Sometimes life is too much. I apologize that my writing has been off, I am just trying to manage everything I’ve got going on and still make time for me. Okay, I need to go so I can regain my composure. Perhaps I’ll be able to get to bed before midnight. Goodnight everyone and remember to be kind to others, you never know what someone is going through.

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