Leveling the Playing Field

I am so over double standards and things being different for men and women. It infuriates me that we are still in a place where this is acceptable. Things can only change when we don’t allow the same old same old to continue.

I watched Molly’s Game – totally a great movie (Film class is introducing me to films I would have never chosen). Molly Bloom is exceptionally smart and wow, was she able to make her some money. I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen it but, something happens to her that may have affected a man differently. She felt ashamed and worried that she would be seen as weak if someone knew about it. Why are we forced to live this way? The worst part is we tend to be judged more harshly by other women than men.

In relationships too! How many times have you heard of men cheating and women taking them back but they are told damn well that if their woman tried that shit they would leave them without ever looking back. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander. Now, I am not condoning cheating, if you are in a relationship, keep that shit in your pants unless it is with your significant other otherwise, don’t be tripping when they are hesitant to put out because they don’t know where that shit has been. All I am saying is do unto others as you would want to them do unto you. Respect is a two way street.

We can go to work and do the same job as a man or sometimes better (I said sometimes) yet, we always (yes, always) get paid less than them. Why is that? I understand back in the day when the man was the breadwinner, ya, he needed to bring home the bacon but, that’s not reality anymore. Reality is men fuck around and get women pregnant and leave, a rare few help support their child but more often than not, the woman is left to bring home the bacon and fry it in a pan. They have to be the breadwinner, support their family regardless of circumstances but they don’t have the same amount of money to work with. Tell me how that is fair?

Mechanics act like women don’t know anything about cars and play them, saying things that don’t need fixing need repair to run up the bill. But, if you have your man call or go in, they just do what is necessary and it is way cheaper. Again, if a woman is taking in her car it is probably because she doesn’t have a man and she should be able to trust that a mechanic is going to take care of her car knowing that babies are probably going to ride in it and it needs to be driving safely while not breaking the bank. We aren’t stupid, we could learn about cars but we are busy doing other single women, single mom shit and that’s what we pay you for right?

I am tired and in a mood. Just thinking about the times I’ve been burned or how I gave someone a chance and never received the same in return. You think what’s going on in the country is bad, all these issues have been around for years, only difference now is the troll in the White House. Let’s be smarter, let’s make some changes, notice women for who and what they are. We gave birth to your asses, that alone deserves respect.

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