A Little Bit of Everything

Today was a mixed up, everything and the kitchen sink kind of day. Thank goodness I am a multi tasker but oh my, oh my, it was tested today. I am still at it, trying to watch a movie where I am to have no distractions but, writing this at the same time. I am on a time crunch to watch this movie and submit my last assignment before midnight. The movie should end minutes before midnight so hopefully I get the answers that I need prior to that for submitting. I am watching the Theory of Everything and I’ve seen it before but, I was distracted and now I find myself equally distracted thinking about my distractions back then. I was in great company when we rented this movie and then like always, we forgot to return it to RedBox so now we own it… like so many others.

I am required to watch these movies without distraction, I just don’t see how that is possible. I know why movie theaters are so popular, it offers an experience one can never get at home. The sound, the size of the screen, not wanting to get up and miss anything, we paid for the movie, so, it gets our full attention, except for those few that mess with their phones. I can’t do much without distraction these days, even talking to God, I find myself going off on tangents. I haven’t figured out if it is to refocus my attention and not think about certain things that bother me or if I honestly can’t keep myself thinking straight enough to have a clear thought. Either way, going with the flow and seeing where it takes me.

I was getting so flustered with this little bubble we are in because of Covid, but, it is nice to know that we don’t have to worry about contracting it as long as we keep up our precautionary measures and don’t go out of the circle. So many people I know are saying they have it. I just can’t take that risk. So, seclusion is where I will remain. It has its benefits as our tight circle is getting tighter but in a good way.

Well, I could continue hopping from one subject to the next but, I need to give this movie the attention it deserves. So, here is to a short entry. I hope you aren’t all jumbled too and that you have a wonderful evening!

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