A Work In Progress

The beauty of a new day is that you have a fresh start. You’re able to leave yesterday right where it was and move forward. A concept some can’t seem to grasp. Nothing comes of holding grudges, going to bed angry or having a negative attitude. The only one that truly suffers is you. So, why do it? Nah, I won’t.

I’ve not been particularly fond of what I’ve been contributing to this blog and couldn’t figure out what happened. I mean, I’m in the best mental state ever and I’m pretty darn happy (mostly) so, why is my writing not reflecting that? I’ve been reading other posts and finding myself a tad jealous of how eloquently they are able to express their thoughts. I think it is because I wait until the end of the day… lately I have been racing the clock to get my post in prior to midnight and with that time crunch, I am not able to fully express myself. Things in my life are continually shifting and I don’t think waiting until the end of the day is working in my favor anymore.

I’ve been meaning to change up the content anyways and I think this is the perfect segway. I never meant to give an account of my day, I more wanted to get out what is weighing heavily on my mind. I have wonderful ideas during the day and by the time I sit down to write, they have been forgotten. So, I am going to start writing whenever inspiration sparks during the day but, at least one post will be done every day. I believe this will get me back on track and writing things that I am proud of. I have many thoughts running through my head. It might be time to give other pages on this blog some much needed TLC as well. I need to defer to an expert I think for assistance.

I will be finding ways to be more proficient and organized. And I’m compiling a list of books to read this year. A book a month at least is the plan. Health is a major priority this year. All aspects not just weight loss. I will be working on a plan for that as well once I go to the doctor. I have big plans and I need to get my body in shape for all I want to do. My plans are fluid, not because I lack discipline or structure but going with the flow is still something I need work on. I am giving myself space to learn how to accept last minute changes into my life without feeling out of control.

School for my boy starts tomorrow and I start the following day. Doing a week’s worth of work in a day for two classes in 3 weeks. I could have started early if the textbook arrived sooner but no such luck. It’s okay… everything happens for a reason. I am being tempted in more ways than one but know it is a test because this month more than ever requires focus. I am excited…. obstacles aren’t looking so daunting anymore. With each step I take, the picture seems to get a little more in focus. I can’t wait for all that’s meant for me to be revealed.

I am and will always be a work in progress. The more I learn, the more I realize I have to learn. One day at a time, that seems to be the secret. Leave yesterday behind us and don’t put too much energy in tomorrow because the present is gift and we should revel in it. With that said, I am off to sleep. I have been having some amazing dreams lately and they are waiting for me. Xoxo

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