Free to be Me!

I have had this giddiness about me all day. I woke up super early so we could pack and come pack to reality. In the back of my mind it is like weights and measures, what I want and what’s important. Choosing who I want to be this year, who I want to show the world and who I want to keep for myself. It feels like a huge wave that wants to crash down on me but instead, I’ll ride that baby all the way into 2022.

I’ve been praying a lot and manifesting my future. I am coming at it from a different place. Not from lack but abundance. Keeping the focus on what it is I want from this year and how I’m going to accomplish it. A bit torn between two things that mean so much to me and feeling like I’m playing a game of tug of war to decide which to pursue. Choosing one over the other will change my direction drastically, both are good though.

I am paying attention to the universe. I am not ignoring the signs coming my way. I understand that what’s happening is for a reason. God knows what I am capable of. He knows that I have not mastered choosing me first and he knows that if circumstances were different, I may have a change of mind so, He is keeping me on the right path and far from distraction. In all honesty, I’ve been looking for distraction… lmao

Life looks so different. I love swimming. I am happy to not be treading water. I just wish I knew then the things I know now. I’m in uncharted water but, this time, I’m not afraid.

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