A New Chapter

This is the first day of a new year and a new chapter of my book. All of the pages are blank and anything can be written on them. This year I choose to write my own story and not sit on the sidelines while it is written for me. I honestly have no clue what the year will bring but I am positive that everything coming my way is for me. I got some incredible news today that helped me get a head start.

It was a relaxing day that even included a nap (morning mimosas seem to have that effect on me). I made a delicious dinner for our last night on vacation and got so caught up in packing this evening, I almost forgot to write this. I’m not sure if I will keep posting every day but, I’ve made a commitment for at least a year of a post a day so, I have a few months to decide.

I have tension in my neck and I know it is from stress. I’m disappointed in myself for allowing it to happen. I know what it is about and there’s nothing I can do. So… why stress? Again, reminds me that I am human and every day I have to make a conscious effort to put what I’ve learned into action. I went against everything I am and chose not to do something today. It has been eating at me but, I can’t bring uncertainty into 2021 with me. As I said earlier, everything in 2021 that comes my way is meant for me… that’s what I am putting out into the universe.

I have to be careful what I give attention to, what I make a priority. I can’t give time to people or things I don’t feel are for me… no matter how wonderful it all may seem. My smile is an indication that I’m on the right path. As long as I have the smile I’ve found, I know my happiness is genuine. I am excited to focus more on my health this year and will begin my yoga class in a couple of days. I can then keep it going and hopefully get my butt back into the gym soon.

I choose me this year. Stephie 2021 is what I’m going with. It may get altered but, I’m doing what makes my soul happy… not my heart. My heart is still healing but, my soul never steers me wrong. Are you ready for this adventure? I am! This woman is going to transform right in front of your eyes. Watch out!

Sending love, light and happiness your way! ♡

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