Deliciously Exhausting Day

Whew, I am hot and tired and can’t wait to jump in the shower. We’ve had such a day and I’m glad we are ending it this way. I just put my boy to sleep by scratching his back and now I’m just admiring him while he sleeps…

Today was filled with sweets starting with donuts in the morning and ending with a baking fest… brownies and m&m cookies with chocolate chips. More baking is waiting for us tomorrow. Thankfully we cleaned as we went and we aren’t still stuck in the kitchen after all that baking.

Gotta wind down and doing it with some sugar rush Christmas. I am standing tall in my power, with who I am at the moment. But, as each second passes, I am becoming painfully aware that another holiday is approaching and I’m missing some of my favorite people. This is one of my favorite holidays and we are missing out on major memories with them. It is just hard to believe this is how things are playing out.

I know I’m digressing. I’ve done well to try to keep it all in. I’ll continue to do so. I’m happy and grateful for all that God has blessed me with and I will continue to trust in His plan. I’ve come too far in this journey to doubt that at any moment things could change and your life will take a different path. I know good things are coming my way… praying that perhaps I’ll get a glimpse when I least expect it.

Well, that’s all I have for tonight. I think I’m going to steal another cookie and hop my behind in the shower before I call it a night. Good thoughts being sent your way that tomorrow and the next will be magical days! ♡

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