Lost in translation

My mind is going a million miles a minute and yet I can’t seem to find the words to explain. It is more of I don’t know where to start. I know what’s going on in my head but can’t find the words. Everything is connected and I can’t start with one part because you need the context behind it to understand. The mind is a web of thoughts all intertwined together and there is no real end or beginning.

I am overly tired but I have too much to do to slow down. I’ve been dreaming a lot lately and that’s unusual for me. I don’t mind it but that means my mind is racing in my sleep as well and I’m not getting good rest. Just gotta keep busy so that I don’t have time to miss what I’m missing. Distractions are welcomed.

Every day brings something new. I am grateful for it all. Today, Jeremiah and I got to jam out to an “oldies” (my kind of music…wa wa wahhhh) Playlist that his bestie made. Great Playlist but calling it an oldies Playlist made me feel old. Lol it was great to hear songs I haven’t heard in years and reminisce about them. We just laughed and I sung along.

I’ve got some time to take it slow. I’m torn between that and moving fast to keep busy. I have to make memories, I have to live my life. I can’t wait for circumstances to be right for me to live the life I want. I’ve done that before and now I regret it. My time with the fam is precious and I have to take full advantage.

Anyways, I know I’m not making much sense and I’m super tired. So. I will collect my thoughts, get some shut eye and come at this with a clearer head. Besides, I’m interested to see what I am going to dream about tonight… lol Mr. Sandman… send me a dream!

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