Own That SH#%

This has been such a big week for me. I know I’ve said that multiple times already. It’s crazy. It’s like I’m in a maze and when I choose one way over another, there might be a door that permanently closes. Knowing that, I still keep going. I am not making any hasty decisions, ensuring that the route I choose is one I can live with. I made a bold move with one of my classes. I am not particularly happy that I had to make a decision but, I made one that I am happy with. It was the right decision for me at the moment and one that I am willing to live with. See, if you read my post from yesterday, then you know I am keeping to my word. It’s not about perfection anymore. I am not going to waste time trying to achieve something unattainable. I rather go out and play in rain and mud puddles than have a house so pristine it doesn’t look lived in.

Tomorrow is my last day of my first semester back at school. I have one class to complete work for and that’s it. I will officially be on Winter Break. Oh my goodness, I haven’t said that in so long. It’s a bit overwhelming and yet a relief to sit here and let that sink in. For years the thought of going back to school was only a pipe dream. When I left all those years ago it was only supposed to be for a short time. I left not of my own accord but because I put my son’s father’s wants before mine. I was to let him get his career up and going and then I could return to school, married so that he wouldn’t have to worry about me leaving him for a college guy. What a young and dumb girl I was. I was blessed with my son so I don’t regret anything but, I never thought I would actually be able to go back. Everything just worked out in a way this year that I needed a change, I had to choose me somehow and school was the way. I’m good at school but I honestly didn’t expect to do so well. I am very proud of myself and the grades that I’ve worked hard for.

I’m owning my shit…. from who I am to what I am doing regardless of how big or small. While I have more I can write. I really want to get on with my last class and end this semester. I’ll have more tomorrow, I promise! Until then…

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