Busy enjoying the days… updated

I am so very relaxed right now. I’m busy making memories and don’t have time to write tonight. Go enjoy your Friday night!

I might update when I head to bed but… we will see.

Okay, I am finally in bed and ready to get some sleep. Today was filled with great energy and the hustle and bustle of family. I registered for classes and besides the one that I’m petitioning, I got them all. I am beyond stoked for what this means to me and can’t wait to lock in this last class.

I washed dishes and helped prepare dinner, learning some new tricks, we shared so many laughs and just silly moments. The feeling I have right now is priceless. Time seems to be slowing down for me and I’m being able to soak in minor details that I usually overlook. It’s like I’m watching each stroke of a paintbrush painting a picture on the canvas. The beauty is in the details.

I wasn’t in the same head space last week that I find myself in now. I knew I had to correct what was wrong and my decision put me back on the path I was originally on. I don’t feel out of sorts anymore. I am confident in what I am doing.

I am taking each day as it comes and still with recent developments, I am super excited for what the next year is shaping up like. 2020 was supposed to be life changing in all the ways it wasn’t but, the changes I did willingly make are making the impossible, possible. I am doing things no one else in my family has done. I’m forging a path so that others can follow. I am so damn proud of myself.

Next year is going to be packed and require a new level of focus and discipline. To prepare, this month is about taking it slow and taking everything in. Appreciating the time to watch the grass grow and do nothing but it mean everything. I know this time that God has given me is a gift. I’m doing my best to take full advantage.

When you want to succeed more than you want to breathe, that’s when you’ll be successful. E.T. is right, when you claim what’s rightly yours, it is already yours. I’m winning at a game I didn’t even want to play… life! I’ve got this now and there’s no stopping me. Well, on that note, I am stopping to go to bed. Another fun day planned tomorrow and a paper to finish writing. Goodnight all!

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