Stress Less

My mom is a worry wart, I think that’ where I get my stressing from. Okay, I take that back, we get it from my Nana. Those two ladies stress enough for everyone I know. Now, I’m doing the no stress thing because, well, it doesn’t solve anything and only messes with us. So, cut it out and be much happier. Whatever is coming my way is coming regardless if I stress or not. Be prepared but not stressed. Got it? Okay, good.

Mom has been stressing on so much lately and I keep asking if it helped her with anything. Did it make her day easier? Did it help that yucky feeling go away? Does she feel better? The answers are all no! No duh! All stress does is ensure to take away any potential happy you could expect to find during the time you are stressing. She was going on and on and I just have to stop her and ask her questions that sound silly but, they are on point and then she realizes where I am going with it. She called me tonight to say that she decided to let this one thing that’s bothering her go because the person involved is worth more than her being mad about the situation. I congratulated her for listening to me. She laughed and said that’s what she was trying to get at. That she is listening to me and she truly is trying to adopt some of the suggestions that I have been giving her. I got to hear how proud she is of me and by now we should know that I soak that up! 2020, the year my momma started verbalizing that sentence for me to hear! She reminded me just how far I’ve come and she is so proud of all I’ve done to be the woman that I am today. Hallelujah, my heart is doing flips over here everybody.

I spoke to one of my besties earlier and I had to have the no stress conversation with her as well. She has some things going on. I told her that I wasted too much stressing and I just can’t do it anymore. She agreed and said that she’s doing her best not to. I said that God has a plan, she needs to believe in that and then live her life to the fullest. Control what we can, don’t spend time on attempting to control what we can’t. Sounds so simple but it’s hard to live by.

Okay, so, I had my car at the dealership because it was just acting up. My Service Rep calls to tell me what’s wrong, that it’s not under warranty and how much it will cost to fix. I was not happy to say the least but, I need my car so, I have to pay to get it fixed. I stressed for like five minutes before I realized it’s just money and I have enough to cover the cost so, instead of stressing over something I can’t control, I chose to be grateful that I have the means to repair my vehicle. Don’t you know that I got a call today that my Service Rep called GM and asked for some financial assistance and got it approved? He did that without me asking, he just knows that I always take my car to him and that I don’t have money just laying around. GM approved his request… they paid for $200 of the cost. I was in awe and such appreciation. It was an unexpected miracle. I told my mom about this and then thought, what if I had not stressed for even those five minutes? How much bigger would my blessing have been if I had the blind faith that I am always talking about? I knew that something would work out but I stressed over the money. I am not used to being able to take care of something like this so, when it initial happened, yes, I worried about parting with the money. God took care of me and I learned a valuable lesson. I will push harder to have blind faith, complete faith in my next situation. At some point I am going to master these lessons and God isn’t going to have to put me in situations to be tested… come on Steph!

Now we’ve learned stressing accomplishes nothing. You better not be stressing over anything. It will all work out, somehow, some way… you know it’s true. I wish I could take the worries away from mom and Nana but, they have to do it themselves. It’s hard to break a habit. If you want something bad enough, you’ll do what’s necessary to get it. I couldn’t live my life always waiting for the other shoe to drop, of not enjoying the present so consumed with what was going to go wrong in the future. I live lighter now, not so much weight on my shoulders, ideas of how I would like tomorrow to go but no expectations. Again, this is a one day at a time thing. Tomorrow may be an easy day or a hard day but, I am prepared either way. I hope you are too. Free your mind and the rest will follow.

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