Close My Eyes

There is no time to waste, asking why, I’ll run away with you… tonight is a Lunar Eclipse in GEMINI! I tried to share a thing off of Instagram and it didn’t want to post so, here’s what it says:

Dear Gemini (that’s me!), the Lunar Eclipse in your sign is encouraging you to let go of your old mental approach (isn’t that what I’ve been saying?) to life. This cosmic event invites you to present yourself to the world and interface with life in completely new ways (thus the picture!). Honor your desires and the spontaneous impulses emanating from your Soul (don’t mind if I do), no matter if you don’t understand the reason behind them through logic and rationality (sounds like a plan). Allow yourself to respond to what comes up (are you coming up? lol), and take action spontaneously (there’s that word again), don’t overthink it. You might feel drawn to change your physical appearance or your style in some way (how did you guess it?). During the upcoming weeks, you are encouraged to release any thought patterns and inner narratives that inhibit you from taking action (got it!). The long term transit of the North Node through your sign, activated by the current Eclipse, is an invitation to honor you essence (please do), embody your true nature, and shine bright without asking for permission (oh, I’ve made that clear already, I’m doing for me!).

I think that this post has been stalking me, what do you think? Proof that I’m on the right path and that what’s for me will always find a way. I’ve been a busy bee today and was able to accomplish so much. This next month is really going to be one for the books. It is the last month of the hardest year of my life. To say that I am coming out of it as the best version of myself is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Next year though, 2021, I’m going hard. I have a list of things that I am accomplishing one way or another so… be ready! December, better set me up nicely… lol It’s cool, I don’t mind working for what I want, makes me appreciate it more. Everything is aligning and I’m thinking that Bah Humbug Stephie wants to throw in the towel. Maybe…

I am sitting here, having just finished my last assignment for the week and watching my son sleep as I am surrounded by piles of clean & folded clothes. Our Raiyhn(bow) is cuddled under the blankets with her brudder because that’s just the bestest spot in the world. Too bad his bed it too small or I would be snuggled in right next to them. These kids, they take my breath away. Loving them makes me happy and sad as I think of my other littles that my heart is missing. Momma loves them from far away and although they don’t get to hear it, I whisper it from my heart to theirs every night and various times throughout the day, they can feel my love, I don’t doubt it. Man, I am getting emotional. My life is pretty special, I love some amazing peoples. My boy and I watched the new Grinch together today, as I was switching loads of laundry, he made a heart with his hands, I asked if he loved me and he said only the days that end in y. He is my ride or die, I wish that I could offer him more and he knows momma is trying but he’s just thankful to be by my side. He appreciates the momma that I am and knows I am doing my damndest to do right by him. So, on the Grinch, he closes his eyes and feels the Christmas magic. I told Miah that feeling, that’s the feeling I get when I close my eyes, I am filled with faith and favor, I get goosebumps and my heart swells. He just looked at me and smiled. I hope it felt it too.

Cup half full, that’s what I am choosing to see. It’s always darkest before the light and I’ve been there so, I’m coming around and only looking for the good. I’m making my way, but, my way. I’m not losing myself in the process. Instead I’m picking up and finding more pieces of me along the way. To think God created all of this, I’m a complex little woman, small but mighty right? The world hasn’t even seen me at my best yet. Oh man, I’m excited. Until then… we’ve got our nightly blog and hopefully some silliness. Well, let’s be honest, lots of my silliness. So, I’ve got to get this laundry off my bed and go to sleep. I have such a long day ahead of me…. let the fun begin!

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