Christmas Movies

I don’t have much to say today. I’ve immersed myself in movies today in an attempt to rekindle something inside myself that I lost earlier this year. I felt that tingle in my heart with all the love on the screen and didn’t feel so cynical as I have recently. I know that these movies are fairytale but, their message that love conquers all, I truly believe that. Hard times fall upon us all, it’s just a fact of life but, those hard parts, they make the good parts so much better. I can’t live in a world that I don’t believe that love triumphs. People lose the one they love over trivial things every day. It is hard to remain steadfast when so many obstacles are in the way. But, getting through them together, that’s what makes it all worth it. I found my love for these movies again today as I sit here watching them with my son. My favorite time of year is upon us. My faith in love and the holiday season is restored. I hope Santa will send a little Christmas magic my way.

They may be corny but, they reflect the good in all of us, the power of love and perseverance. I am a hopeless romantic. I’ve been on hiatus long enough. I needed something to make me feel good. To fill this void I’ve had. Time to find another movie and dive right in.

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