So sad…

I have to apologize right off because I don’t want to be writing today and don’t know what will come out. Yesterday was bad but today is worse and I fear what tomorrow will bring. Friday, no doubt will be the hardest yet.

I have worked very hard to fix me, to find me to be who I was meant to be with only one request of God. I don’t understand why you would be given the world, why everything you’ve every wanted would be given to you when you’re broken but when you do the work your just left with pain and heartache. It makes no sense.

I can’t do this right now. I am very upset and angry and confused. I’m trying to make sense of it all and it doesn’t add up. I know what’s right in my soul and I know how it’s supposed to be.

I’m sorry. Some days you aren’t going to get any words of wisdom or revelations. You’re always going to get a real woman dealing with real life and not holding it back. Today is real and hard and horrible. Everything is worse at night while you’re alone in bed without someone to hold you and tell you it’s all going to be okay.

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