Solid Advice

Sometimes you get what you need from the places you least expect it. My son is getting older and boy, does he have a way at look at something and putting it into perspective. He’s still young so there are some things to him that seem crystal clear that I have to explain are more complicated but, he’s learning. He is so kind and patient and truly supports what I am doing, I am very blessed that God gifted me with him. I can’t wait to see the man he grows into and all the wonderful things he is going to accomplish. One day I will be the best patron at his 3 Michelin Star restaurant….

I briefly was able to speak with a friend and another opportunity is at my feet. I have so many options at this time and yet, I am not compelled by any, I am not sure what’s right for me. Or perhaps it’s that I am afraid to make a move and it be the wrong one. All I truly know is I want to be surrounded by family. I want to be able to spend time with those that matter to be and not be working somewhere that is going to steal my joy, that is going to leave me feeling drained and unable to enjoy the moments with my family that we all deserve. So, I have to think things out clearly and pray on it.

I’m learning more and more to lean into my instincts. I am an overthinker and sometimes, okay, most of the time, my overthinking overcomplicates things that are meant to be simple. When I trust my instinct and go with my gut, it makes such a difference in whatever it is that I am doing. My tests for school, I know the answers but whenever I second guess myself or overthink it, I get the answer wrong. I have learned to trust my gut because I am good at putting in the work prior to taking a test and the first answer that comes to me tends to be the right one. I need to trust me more. I’m not a dummy… lol

Advice is easier given than received. I am great at giving it but oh so stubborn when someone is giving it to me. Even Jeremiah said that about himself today and then added that he wonders who he gets that from. I wish I wasn’t so stubborn and I don’t intend to be it’s just that when I believe in something, I am all in and it’s hard for me to let it go. I’ve always been that way and I know with some things it is a bad habit but with others, it defines who and how I am. I kind of like that I am unwavering. I don’t hastily make decisions so when I do, I tend to make sure that I am willing to go the distance for whatever it may be. Yes, it’s caused me to lose on occasion but, I think I have gained so much more.

Listen to others or don’t. The choice is yours and yours alone. You have to decide if they are coming from a true and honest place, if they have your best intentions in mind or if what they are saying is to benefit them or perhaps sabotage you. Just keep an open mind. I’m noticing so much where things were twisted and I was blinded to it because I trust so freely. I would never do anything to harm someone I know or to influence them to make a decision that was not in their best interest that I don’t suspect anyone would do that to me but that is not always the case. I refuse to change how I am and how I perceive people because of the wrong doing of others but I am making it a point to be mindful of it. I suggest you do the same. The world is changing and it is very unkind right now. I am working hard to ensure I stay on the good side of life, that I am not allowing myself to fall victim to negativity. It is hard to remain constant when outside influences are forcing you to waiver. I have perfected staying constant and now must only make sure to keep negativity at bay. I guess what I am saying is take what others tell you with a grain of salt, in the end, you are responsible for the choices you make, not them. You live with the good or the consequences that come your way.

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