People Suck!

I am an emotional mess this evening and was honestly contemplating not posting. A cousin of mine shared a meme about Kamala sleeping her way through important men. I commented how it’s sad we get judged by our sexual history and how I would have loved to run for a political office but, because I don’t want the things that I’ve gone through to be dug up, I can’t. One of his friends had to post and attack my support of Kamala. My fucking post was about me! I’m so tired of everyone assuming or pushing their own agenda or us being wrong if we aren’t on the same side. I am so done. My other cousins have come forth and stood up for me and I am feeling so very loved but damn, I shouldn’t feel like I should have to delete my post because people want to attack me. I am ashamed of what this country has come to.

Why can’t we accept someone’s opinion if it differs from ours? Why can’t women and men be on equal playing fields? Why can a man sleep with whomever and that doesn’t come up during an election but, if it were a woman and she aborted a baby they would want to hang her? The man could have helped conceive a child that led to an abortion but, he won’t be damned for it. How do we expect to raise strong girls to grow to be strong women when we are always beating them down? Even women belittle other women. I just don’t get it. We tell little girls they can be anything but then men stand in their way and other women tell them they can’t have it all because they will be sacrificing something, men tell them if they can’t keep them satisfied then they’ll look for satisfaction elsewhere and women condemn you if you enjoy sex more than most. There is no ending. I got lost trying to find myself in this maze of absurdity.

I am a decent human being. I treat all fairly and with respect until it’s lost. I commend others when they speak their truth even if it doesn’t align with my thoughts and opinions. I tell my boys that their opinions matter. No matter if it isn’t the popular way of thinking, they are allowed to feel and think how they choose. I don’t want them to conform even though I understand that it’s easier to do so. We can’t forget how to be good and kind otherwise, what’s the point of us being here? I avoid conflict but, joy and happiness, well, they make me want to get through my day, they give me hope.

I’m not quite sure I’m making sense. I just feel that with all this political nonsense that people are losing themselves and forgetting how to treat one another. I don’t want my voice to get lost, not when I just found it again. Please be kind to others. A difference of opinion isn’t always a bad thing, we can learn from others if we would give them a chance. We just have to be a little more open minded. It’s possible.

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