Oh, the Possibilities

I’ve recently mentioned possibilities as the word has taken on such a powerful presence in my life. I have endless possibilities and I’m excited to explore them. How fitting is it that our new President Elect and Vice President Elect referenced possibilities this evening as well. With Joe Biden saying that we are a country of possibilities and we can do anything we set our mind to. I fully believe that because I tell myself the same every day. I am eager to see how our country grows when we finally let go of the self limiting beliefs, when we are not represented by a man that thinks so little of the majority of the population. Now, I don’t expect Biden and Harris to perform magic and right everything that is wrong but, I do hope that they will find a way to unify this country again because things cannot remain as is.

I am a very proud Mexican-American female today. I have cried tears of joy and relief, tears that should have never had to be shed when referring to a presidential election. I have found an inner strength that I didn’t know I had. I feel a rumbling to do more and to help make a difference. I really have to think how I want to go about it. I know that something will surface. I thought of reaching out to the ACLU or getting involved with Hispanic businesswomen in my community. In order for me to commit and push hard like I know I can, it has to be for a cause that I believe in, that I know and that I can stand behind. I just feel like I’ve sat on the sidelines for long enough and now that I am the best I’ve ever been, I have to give back, to help others reach this place, to remind them of their strength as someone did for me.

Speaking of possibilities, I am in a position right now where I truly have an endless amount of possibilities and I’m not quite sure what to do with it. I have the opportunity to do some new things and yet I don’t know if it fits in with what I am working to accomplish. I know that I cannot sacrifice myself and my goals anymore. I have to make me a priority and sometimes that requires me saying no. I love to help, I make sure everyone else is taken care of before me and changing that has proven difficult. I understand that it is imperative to my growth and that I will not be on the path that I am if I stray from it. I want to do what is right, what feels right in my heart but my heart wants to give to others instead of giving to myself. Oh, the dilemma. All I can do is continue putting one step in front of the other, ask God for guidance and in the meantime, stay the course. Transitioning into courses, I have so much math to do tonight and I just want to spend quality time instead. This is where my perseverance needs to kick in. Where I can show myself that I’ll choose me because that’s the commitment I made to myself.

I am changing, our country is changing, I hope people are taking notice. I feel like the tape has been ripped off of my mouth and I can’t help but saying exactly what is on my mind. I have the power of my intellect, the strength of my words and a fire in my soul to speak my truth, to say what needs to be said at whatever cost. I rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not. I’ve said it a million times, the people that love me, love me and I know that they aren’t going anywhere. They’ve known this woman was inside of me, they believed in her, they’ve been waiting for her to emerge. My best friend messaged me today and I feel complete. She is my tribe, that’s what, well, that’s what someone would always tell me. That as long as I had her, I didn’t need anyone else. He was right. She is my cheering section, she is my Jiminy Cricket, she gives it to me straight regardless if I am right or wrong and even when I’m wrong, she let’s me figure it out on my own but she’s always there no matter what. Her strength, confidence in herself, standing in her power, gives me the energy to do the same. I’m lucky to have her… I’m me because she’s part of me.

There are endless possibilities my friends, the world is our oyster and we don’t have to be afraid of our sex, our color, our gender or sexual preference, well at least not like we did. Today we proved that when something is not right, we exercise our right to be the change and that’s what we did. The fight is not over but, tonight we are victorious. I get to work on an assignment based on my favorite book and I can’t stop smiling. I will be able to share it with my professor. It’s called, “I Like Myself.” It’s a children’s book that I used to read to Miah when he was little. I still recite some of it to myself when I need it and it’s helped me so much during this time. It’s crazy that a child’s book would be the one that came to mind when asked what my favorite was. I thought of the Secret, or one of Brene Brown’s books, I was going to say perhaps Think Like a Man or He’s Just Not That Into You but, that’s the book that means the most so, I’ll be writing on it. Life is a series of moments. I am living each of them. I pray for the day that the moments I’m accepting are also the ones I want. Soon enough… oh, the possibilites.

I like myself, I’m glad I’m me, there’s no one else I’d rather be. Loving myself is the first step. It’s the foundation. It’s opens the doors to love even more than I’ve already done. Wow, what a love that will be. ❤

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