What Does Tomorrow Hold?

I am talking about tomorrow as in the day but also beyond that. Tomorrow is an important day in our lives and the outcoming has been weighing heavily on our minds. Never before have I been worried about a presidential election, that in itself is something to be said. I am worried regardless of who wins that chaos will ensue. We are supposed to be the country that others want to emulate and instead, they are looking at us shaking their heads in disbelief. A country that was so united 19 years ago is now further apart than it has been in over a century.

Democrats and Republicans…. those are words that man put meaning to. Those words were meant to group likeminded individuals together, those two parties were supposed to bring different viewpoints to the table so that we never fell under tyrannical rule, so that the opposition could keep us honest and always looking at things from another perspective so we could be at our best. Somehow, we went from differing viewpoints being welcomed to the opponent being ridiculed and shamed for their way of thinking. I see people from both parties grouping the whole party together and name calling, bashing them, etc. Is that the same mouth that they are praising our Lord with on Sunday mornings? Is it the same mouth that they are kissing their children before they go to bed with? I am an individual and although I claim a party, I am not that party, that party is not me, my beliefs and opinions just so happen to align with one party more than the other but, where I stand depends on the issue.

We were asked in our Political Science discussion last week what some ideological differences were between the two parties and if we thought that the two could ever find common ground. We all agreed that common ground was necessary for the very important conversations to take place but that we didn’t see it happening anytime soon. I commented on one classmate’s entry that we look to our elected officials to provide leadership, to set the example and they are all acting like a bunch of kids playing a game of tug of war that they don’t want to lose. This is not a game. This is real life and their decisions or indecisions will impact us… maybe not today but some day and what side of the road do we want to be on when that happens? I am even having a hard time writing this because I just don’t know what results will be given to us tomorrow night. I voted, I send my ballot in because I needed to know that my vote mattered. I have to participate to speak my mind, to seek change and to fight for what I believe in. I have a feeling that I will be required to be more proactive in my approach if the results do not go the way I want them to.

Anyways, I have a lot of praying to do tonight. Some soul searching and getting my mind right regardless of what the outcome is. Honestly, I need a President that represents me. I’m not sure if that’s either candidate, at this point, I chose the lesser of two evils. Soon the kids of today are going to be in charge and if we don’t figure our shit out before then, they will sort it out for us. They think more inclusively than the older generations and might push it too far if they aren’t shown what real leadership and compromise looks like now. I have to keep my faith that God is watching over us and as long as He is, we will be okay. I hope you are a registered voter and if you haven’t voted yet, tomorrow is the day.

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