Taking Nothing at Face Value

I am super busy working on my assignment due at midnight so not too long of a blog tonight. I have so much to say though. I was able to hold my nephew today and I’m reeling over how in love with him I am. Holding that little person that shares DNA with me just solidified how much I want to be a mommy to a little one again. I am preparing myself for some decisions that will need to be made to make that happen within the timeline I have given myself. I’ve learned another lesson today, more than one actually as I worked through my schoolwork. I am so lucky that I have been given the opportunity to return to school as the topics that have been raised are causing me to re-think my stance on various subjects and my need to stand tall in my decisions. I wish I could say more but school is my priority and I have to complete this last assignment.

Thank you for your patience and joining me on this journey. I love to see how many people I reach and that you keep coming back. Tomorrow there will be more I promise.

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